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Soft Tissue Surgery


Our facility is equipped to handle routine and advanced soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissue refers to anything not involving bones. Our veterinarians are skilled at many soft tissue surgical procedures including:

  • Surgical Biopsies – removal of an abnormal lesion, mass, lump or growth is found during an exam. The mass can be removed and submitted for biopsy to assess the extent of the disease.
  • Foreign Body Removal – foreign body obstructions can be caused by anything not easily digestible by the stomach or intestinal tract.
  • Bladder Surgery – a cystotomy can be performed to remove bladder stones that cause pain, infection and blood in the urine. The retrieved stones will be sent to a laboratory to determine what minerals make them up so a diet change can help prevent further stone development.
  • Wound Care – some wounds require surgical care for proper healing. Sutures, drain tubes, and infection management are often needed to promote complete healing. Applying appropriate bandages can help with preventing infection and comfort.
  • Eye Surgery – we can provide Cherry Eye Repair, eyelid mass removal, entropion repair, and enucleation procedures.
  • Reproductive Surgery – for female dogs we can provide ovariohysterectomy (spay), Cesarean sections, mammary mass removals, and pyometra procedures. For male dogs, we provide castration (neuter), including if your pet is cryptorchid (has a retained testicle in the abdomen that needs to be removed)

It is standard procedure to intensively monitor your pet’s levels during anesthesia and throughout the entire surgery. If you have any questions about your scheduled surgery, or would like to inquire about a soft tissue surgery, please contact our office.